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Keep in mind that the State Department does grant expedited interview appointments and processing if you have an emergency situation. It'S important that you contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country if you have an emergency. Instructions and procedures can vary locally from country to country. There are a few potential side effects when using Latisse. These include dry eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes, skin darkening around the area where Latisse is used. You may also notice a brown tent to discoloration to the iris part of the eye. Hair growth around the eye may also be noticed if the medication drips for the application site. Our pharmacy is a resource that provides individuals with information regarding clinical trials that are being conducted worldwide. Beautiful eyes and eyelashes are something that everyone wants to have. People who have scanty eyelashes always have a problem. I can report that a lot of the female staff at Tristram Clinic are using LATISSEand are loving their long thick eyelashes. Their new lashes frame the eyes nicely and make the eyes look very pretty. Many patients have commented on their lovely long lashes.
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